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Foreign Exchange

We provide a high quality, value-adding foreign exchange options for the corporate and SME sector. In conjunction with our partner we differentiate our service from the banks by offering:

Differentiating factors

  • Consistently better FX rates
  • A market leading on-line dealing and payments platform
  • A single account can hold balances in 35 different currencies
  • Forward hedging limits
  • Lower payment charges
  • Direct access to the most experienced FX dealing team in Ireland

Key Benefits for Businesses

  • Consistently better FX rates, savings of typically 2% or €2,000 per €100,000
  • Expert guidance from a dedicated FX dealing team
  • Faster payment completions & lower payment charges
  • Longer opening hours than banks
  • On-line dealing and payments capability open 24/7
  • Straight forward account opening
  • Zero Commissions
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